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Effective OOP in Delphi

San Diego, CA, 13th - 14th July 2000

For the first time, Marco will teach a public class in the US focused on Delphi programming. The class, to be held in the days immediately following the Borland Developers Conference, will be focused on "Effective Object-Oriented Programming" using Object Pascal and Delphi.

Topics will include:

  • Secrets of the Object Pascal language: class reference and virtual constructors, streaming and persitency, RTTI (accessing published properties dynamically), TObject, memory management.
  • OOP applied: How to apply OOP ideas (encapsulation, polimorphism) to everyday Delphi programming (not component writing, but writing forms and using components). How to build large Delphi application on solid bases. Architectures basedon interfaces.
  • Delphi Idioms and Patterns: On overview of some common coding practices (idioms) and some design patters applied to Delphi programming.
  • Objects and Databases: How to work with objects in databse applications, including the development of custom datasets based on objects in memory and RTTI, simple SQL mapping, and other related topics.

The class will be organized in cooperation with Bruce Eckel, who will handle subscriptions and logistics. It is going to be a 2-day information packed seminar (lecture only). Feel free to bring your portable computer, but one is not required.


This course assumes you are already a Delphi programmer, with a few months experience. Reading "Mastering Delphi 5" (or an earleir edition) will help, as the class covers more advanced material not found in the book, and mostly brand new for the seminar.


The seminar will probably take at the Marina Village, downtown San Diego (CA).

Price and Booking

The price for the 2-days event (including coffee and lunch) will be 700 USD if booked at least 2 weeks in advance, 800 USD for the late comers.

You can book your place for the seminar online at Places are limited: book your early. Feel free to contact Marco to express your requests or suggestions for the seminar.