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Delphi Developers' Handbook

Chapter 15: Other Delphi Extensions

Copyright Marco Cantu' 1997

What’s Next

We began this chapter by looking at Version Control Systems, and then we delved into some obscure Delphi topics, such as the module designers and the direct connection with the environment. You might think these topics are this is interesting to explore and discuss, but have little practical value for most Delphi programmers. On the contrary; writing wizards and other enhanced tools can significantly improve on your workflow and productivity. This was one of our main reasons for writing the previous chapter and this one.

For the same reason, we’ll show you more examples of wizards throughout the rest of the book. There’s a final tool we’re going to show you in the next chapter, but it’s related more to the debugger than to the Delphi environment. It doesn’t actually hook into the debugger; instead it’s a stand-alone debug engine that allows you to inspect an application the same way you build it. In fact, the user interface of our Object Debugger closely mimics that of Delphi’s Object Inspector.

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