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Development : Borland Conference 2004

Borland Conference 2004 - San Jose (CA) - September 11-15

I'm taking picture at the Borland Conference and posting the to the site almost in real time (at elast day by day), but had no time to "retouch" them or provide an actual description. If you want your picture removed let me know as well...
For now I'm uploading only the thumbnails, so don't clik on the iamges themselves, as you'll get an error...

Sunday Evening Party

Blake Stone (now at MS) chatting with Fuller... and many other friends...

Borland Conference 2004

Borland Conference 2004

EPSN0002.jpg EPSN0003.jpg
EPSN0004.jpg EPSN0005.jpg
EPSN0006.jpg EPSN0007.jpg
EPSN0008.jpg EPSN0009.jpg
EPSN0010.jpg EPSN0011.jpg
EPSN0012.jpg EPSN0013.jpg

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