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Development : Borland Conference 2004

Borland Conference 2004 - San Jose (CA) - September 11-15

I'm taking picture at the Borland Conference and posting the to the site almost in real time (at least day by day), but had no time to "retouch" them or provide an actual description. If you want your picture removed let me know as well...

Notice that I'm adding pictures to generic folders (like various) and also keep posting new material as I get more picture from an event "live". So you might want to come back and check again a folder you've already looked into. --- Folders are now all closed, as I've finished uploading all of the thumbnails (but not all of the large pictures).

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At the Conference

Saturday: Danny Thorpe .NET 2.0 tutorial in the morning, Diamonback intro by John Kaster (see link to photos above).

Sunday: working to prepare my own sessions in the morning, ECO bootcamp tutorial by Malcom Groves) in the afternoon. Conference Launch event in the evening (there will be pictures).

Monday: I've been to Borland "Software Delivery Optimization" vision talk, not that I fully understand it. Attended a few classes and worked on my own talks. In the evening, Diamonback preview (lots of pictures) and meet the Delphi team. Very nice.

Tuesday: I've been to some nice sessions, given my first talk (Diamondback OTA), attended the party at the museum (iMax film included), had late night meetings, and a little preparation for my class tomorrow.

Wednesday: Some more sessions and my second talk (Optimizing string lists and strings), and finally relazed by getting to more talks and the closing session. Jumped on a car to drive to Berkeley to meet friends. I'll see my publisher tomorrow and than hop on plane to get back home ASAP.