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Marco's Books

This is a list of the printed books I've written or contributed to over the years, with links to specific sections of this web site and to the related pages on Amazon (or other resellers) in case you are interested in buying them online.

Delphi 2010 Handbook

February 2010 - PDF available

Marco Cantù, Self-publihsed

Delphi 2009 Handbook

Published: December 2008

Marco Cantù, Self-published on and plus PDF format

Delphi 2007 Handbook

Published: September 2007

Marco Cantù, Self-publihsed on and plus PDF format

Mastering Borland Delphi 2005

Published: August 2005

Marco Cantù, Sybex/Wiley, ISBN: 0-7821-4342-3, USD 59.99

Mastering Delphi 7

Published: February 26th 2003

Marco Cantù, Sybex, ISBN: 0-7821-4201-X, USD 59.99

Mastering Kylix 2

Published: 2002

Marco Cantù-Uberto Barbini, Sybex, ISBN: 0-7821-2873-4, USD 59.99

Mastering Delphi 6

Published: End of July 2001

Marco Cantù, Sybex, ISBN: 0-7821-2874-2, USD 59.99

Mastering Delphi 5

Published: August 1999

Marco Cantù, Sybex, ISBN: 0-7821-2565-4, USD 49.99

Marco's Older Books

My older books are probably quite hard to find, although some online stores still carry them and you might find used copies for sale.

Mastering Delphi 4

Published: September 1998

Marco Cantù, Sybex, ISBN: 0-7821-2350-3, USD 49.99

Delphi Developer's Handbook

Published: November 1997

Marco Cantù and Tim Gooch with John Lam, Sybex, ISBN: 0-7821-1987-5, USD 49.99

Mastering Delphi 3

Published: 1996/1997

Marco Cantù, Sybex, ISBN: 0-7821-2052-0, USD 49.99


Mastering Delphi 2

Published: July 1996

Marco Cantù, Sybex, ISBN: 0-7821-1860-7, USD 49.99

Mastering Delphi

Published: 1995

Marco Cantù, Sybex, ISBN 0-7821-1739-2, USD 49.99

Marco's Translated Books

Marco's Delphi books have been translated in a dozen different languages. If english is not your mother tongue, check a partial list here