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Marco Cantù's
Essential Pascal


Changes and fixes (for translators to update they copies, when the have time...)

Chapter 1

The first sentence of "Wirth's Pascal" is updated. Same for the first sentence after "Turbo Pascal"

Chapter 2

Use of Upparcase "Other elements [...] compiler are the of spaces, new lines, and [...]". Removed "of".

Modified the description of the as operator.

Chapter 3

Data types "Delphi also includes a non-typed data type, called variant, not discussed in this book (see Chapter 2 of Mastering Delphi 4)." Replaced with reference to chapter 10.

Specific Windows Types. This was repeated in Chapter 9, and has been moved to that location, and almost completely removed from here.

Characters. Second paragraph, "Ord" must be replaced by "Chr".

Added the final note on banker's rounding...

Chapter 5

While and Repeat Statements. Fixed the while loop to make it similar to the repeat one: While (I <= 100) and (J <= 100).

Chapter 6

Procedural Types Before figure 6.3, "Simply create a blank project and place two radio buttons, a push button, and two labels in the form, as shown in Figure 6.3.", is not correct, as the labels and not there.

Function Overloading: before figure 6.4 "What surprised [...] overloaded parameters. " changed to "overloaded procedures and functions"

Chapter 7

Looking at Strings in Memory: Figure 7.1 was referenced as 2.1, "Formatting Strings" Figure 7.2 was indicated as 2.2.

Following paragraph: removed "valid" as even invalid strings are added to the list...

Chapter 8

Delphi 4 Dynamic Arrays the "Copy procedure" replaced with "Copy function"

Chapter 9

Figures 9.2 and 9.3 were indicated as 2.11 and 2.12