Reader's Comments
about MD and DDH

Here are comments and praises I've received from readers of Mastering Delphi. I though it was nice letting you know what they think. Contact information is included if requested by author. Send your comments to Marco, indicating you allow him to put them on this web site.

I haven't purchased Delphi 4 yet, but I bought Mastering Delphi 4 last week. It is the best Delphi book I have seen. You have done a great job, again.

Arthur J. Smith

Hi, I have just purchased your Mastering Delphi 3 book. It was the only Delphi 3 book on the shelf, so I was expecting it to be a normal type of delphi book, i.e. skims over the good stuff and dives in with the really simple stuff. How wrong can I be. It's quite simply the best Delphi Book I have every brought. Thanks.

Steve Childs,

Just e-mailing you to say well done on your book Mastering Delphi 3. It's proved invaluable already, and the style and content is extremely clear.

Matt Palmer

Your book is fantastic. I have programmed in Delphi 1 for 18 months. I have been self taught. I have made numerous successful programs. I am still reading your book. I have learned so much. I am working with another programmer who has never used Delphi. Our program looks so good, our company plans to market the program. Thanks for your great help in making our program so professional.

Michael Gillson, Anchorage, Alaska

I just purchased your Mastering Delphi 3 book, and I've begun the exciting journey of trying to learn Delphi. You have a real gift at explaining complex subjects in a way that a green beginner like myself can get a grasp of, and I wanted to write and heap some praise on ya!

L.D. Louks, Eugene, OR

I just wanted to commend you on your great 'Mastering Delphi' books. I have Mastering Delphi 2 and 3, and have found them to be the best books on the subject that I have found. You have done an excellent job on giving clear examples, and covering a wide variety of Delphi subjects. I especially appreciate the very detailed index. I find nothing more frustrating than paying 50 bucks for a book and finding a two page index, making it quite dificult to find information on specific details.

Eric Paulson

You new book is a masterpiece - having read Mastering Delphi 3, I bought DDH on spec. MD3 is also a suberb presentation of the information I need day-to-day.

Never before have I seen a software book so well presented and so easy to read, yet nothing is over simplified - both books go to an exceptional level of detail that is required in todays environment.

Congratutions to you, Tim and John!

Craig Murphy (Year 2000) Analyst/Programmer
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I have been enjoying Mastering Delpi 3. This is the 4th book I have on the subject and the first that shows the details and the power of Delphi, without overwhelming the reader in complexity.

Robert Williams

I want you to know that your book is helping me a lot, to really understand the power of Delphi 3. The information that you give, supported with the examples, is fantastic.

Esteban, Chile

I just wanted to say that your book on Delphi 3 is superb. By far the best programming book I have ever read. I hope you keep writing books on Delphi programming.

Paul Hectors

Most recently I entered the amazing world of Delphi 3. After finishing the 'Do It Yourself Course in 14 days' that came with the package, I thought the time was right to extend my horizon. The book I bought was 'Mastering Delphi 3'.
It really is a great introduction into the art of Delphi programming. Easy to understand examples that actually can come in handy in my own programs. At first glance, the price seemed a bit high for 'just another book about programming'. But in the end, it really proved to be worth every penny!

Eddy Nijland
The Netherlands

First of all thanks for a great book - aimed precisely at people like me who are experienced developers but beginners in Delphi. I just bought the book two days ago, and seem all excited by the possibilities open to me through the power of Delphi....


I bought Mastering Delphi 2.0 some time ago and Delphi Developers Handbook now this weekend, and they are both great. I got several books related to Delphi, but they`re not half as good as yours. I just wanted to tell you this, since your books have made a big impact on my progress as a Delphi developer. Looking forward for your next project.

Thomas Weholt