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    Marco Cantù's Delphi Power Book

    “The Delphi Power Book” is a collection of advanced essays, articles, and left-out chapters from past editions of Marco's books. The material is slowly getting a book status. Some of the text might not have been updated jet to the latest versions of Delphi. A printer version might become available in the future. For now it is available only as an e-book in PDF format.

    The chapter Debugging Delphi Programs has been last updated on April 9, 2002 and is being released in Version 0.1.

    The chapter Graphics in Delphi from Mastering Delphi 6 hasn't been updated for Delphi 7, but there should be very little need.

    Copyright 2002 Marco Cantù, All Rights Reserved

    This material is freely provided on the web site Refer people to the site but do not share this document with others by any means, as the material is constantly updated (and it is copyrighted!). Feel free to send feedback and corrections to marco or (even better) to the books section of Marco's newsgroup (as described on the web site).