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Onsite Training

Beside speaking at conferences and teaching regular classes in Italy, I do Delphi training at onsite locations worldwide. If your company has a few Delphi developers and wants to turn them into Delphi experts, my advanced classes can help them master all the secrets of the VCL, component building, extending the Delphi IDE, and more. My classes are based on my best-selling Delphi books, but include excercise and a live training experiences books cannot bring you.

Some of the courses are listed below, but the you can ask for different schedules and for merging topics from different courses. Here is a list of titles (email for details):

  • Delphi Foundations: A 4 days class covering all the basics of Delphi: Object Pascal, the structure of the VCL, Windows and the VCL, Database programming, introductions to client/server and Internet programming. This course is NOT an introduction, the target is Delphi programmers with 4 months of experience or programmers very fluent with other Windows progrmaming environments.
  • Building Delphi Components: A 3 days class covering Delphi components development, from OOP to internals of the VCL, from graphics to Window-based component building techniques, from component to property editors, and includes a detailed coverage of the VCL streaming, RTTI, and other sub-systems. The course can optionally include an extra day to cover Delphi IDE extensions (wizards, code and form generators, VCS, and more).
  • Secrets of the VCL: A 3 days class covering some of the topics of the component building course (properties, streaming, RTTI) but also component messages, interfacing with Windows controls, secrets of the packages architecture, using DLL and packages to structure large applications, COM programming, Internet programming, MIDAS and the 3-tier architecture, memory management... The coverage of these and other advanced topics will customized on the needs of the attendees.
Cost: Marco's training classes outside Italy are sold for 250 Euro (approximately 280 US dollars) for each person for each day, with a minimum of 6 attendees, plus travel and accomodation. There is a discount for 10 or more people. The fee includes the training material (printed documentation), a CD-ROM with examples, and email support in the weeks following the class.

Booking: All my training classes can be booked trhough my company, Wintech Italia Srl. Feel free to email your requests for more information directly to me. Due to the limited time I have available you should book at least 6/8 weeks before the planned class date, but I suggest you to get in contact with me even earlier. A partial advance payment might be required when booking.

Guest Training: Training centers are welcome to invite me to speak at a class they organize by inviting programmers of different companies at their location. Non-profit user groups can ask for very special low fees.

Consulting and more: If you need general consulting, code review, application design, or any other type of Delphi development support, you can ask me a quote for my time. Fees start at 1,500 US dollars per day.