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Notice that you can browse (in read-only) these newsgroups on another site of mine, using my Web/Newsgroup gateway

If you want to ask questions about Delphi programming, about the examples or the text of one of Marco's books, or one of his tools, if you simply want to chat about Delphi programming or any other topic, feel free to post a message to one of Marco's newsgroups. Please read the newsgroup rules below first.

Sections (public)

The newsgroup has a public section (under the root "libero") for messages in Italian and a section one (under the root "public") for messages in English. There is also a support service in Italian, with paid access (under the root "ded").

  • public.books is the section devoted to questions related to Marco's Delphi books - Mastering Delphi (all editions) (MDx) - Delphi Develoepr's Handbook (DDH) - Essential Pascal (EP). Please specify the book you are referring to in the caption, possibily using the short versions above (MDx, DDH, EP).
  • public.cantools hosts technical questions about the tools you can download from Marco's Web site...
  • public.delphi hosts technical questions about Delphi. Books and general messages should go to the proper areas, instead.
  • public.non-technical hosts general, non-technical questions about Borland, programming, Marco, Italy, whatever you want (as happens on the non-tech sections of Borland newsgroup). Please keep Delphi discussions and book discussions in the proper areas.

Newsgroup Rules

When using the newsgroups please follow some simple netiquette rules, common to most newsgroups:

  • Choose the area: try to send the message in the most appropriate section.
  • Avoid cross-posting: do not send the same message in multiple areas of my newsgroup.
  • Do not send copy to Marco's mailbox as well. This won't help having a fast reply and will only jam his mailbox.
  • Avoid flames: Be patient, be kind, everyone is there to help FOR FREE, use a proper language, don't be aggressive even if others are.
  • Title properly: don't use the title "help", "error", "what's wrong", but use a specific title describing the problem in short.
  • Limit Off-Topic: non-Delphi discussion can be fine, if limited. Mark the messages with "OT" in the title and avoid getting personal. In case a discussion becomes personal, please continue it through email.


Fill the following form to subscribe to the newsgroup. Your data will be used only for the newsgroup, if you want to subscribe tothe site updates mailing you need to fill a different form.

The email address must be correct, because we'll send you at the address you provide the newsgroup access instructions.

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