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Errors List

If you have read my book, Mastering Delphi, you can find in this page a list of bugs and minor problems in it. If you have found something else not listed here, I'll be happy to update the page. And if you refer other readers to this page, thanks a lot.

  • CD: Some DCU files have not been re-compiled with the final version of Delphi. Using this examples gives a "Wrong DCU format" error. Just issue a "Build all" menu command (or delete the DCU files - the compiled unit), and everything should work OK.
  • In chapter 4, at page 126, there is a silly error in the code of the Button4Click method. If CheckBox2 is not checked the message says the opposite!
  • In chapter 6, at page 223, in Listing 6.1, the class function InheritsFrom is misspelled. Actually it is misspelled in Delphi source code. Are you wondering how this can be? Simply because the definition of the class TObject in Delphi is done with assembler, and the Pascal code is provided only for documentation, as a comment.
  • In Chapter 12 today, there is an error in the section on merging menus. In fact, calling the Hide method of a form is sufficient to UnMerge a secondary form's menu items from the main menu bar. You don't need to actually destroy the form, as suggested in the text.
  • In chapter 13, page 704, there is a reference to the function SettabFocus of the TabbedNotebook component. This function, actually, doesn't exist. Well, working with beta versions produces this sort of problems.
  • In chapter 25, some of the OLE container examples do not work well under Windows 95.
  • Listing 20.6 is missing from the text. Here is it:

procedure TListForm.OnActivate (Sender: TObject;
  Activating: Boolean);
  Task: TTaskEntry;
  {structure size, or version}
  Task.dwSize := SizeOf(TTaskEntry);
  {read the first task name}
  {read following task names}
  while TaskNext(@Task) = TRUE do