Mastering Delphi 2

Mastering Delphi 2

Table of Content

Here is the TOC of the book, with new or heavily corrected parts in bold. Consider, anyway, the full text and many examples have been updated to make use of new Delphi 2 features, such as long strings or radio menus.

Chapter 1: A Form Is a Window

Chapter 2: Highlights of the Delphi Environment

Chapter 3: The Object Repository and the Experts

Chapter 4: The Pascal Language

Chapter 5: Object Pascal as an OOP Language

Chapter 6: The Visual Component Library

Chapter 7: A Tour of the Basic Components

Chapter 8: Creating and Handling Menus

Chapter 9: Back to the Form

Chapter 10: Graphical Components

Chapter 11: A Toolbar and a Status Bar

Chapter 12: Multiple Forms and Dialog Boxes

Chapter 13: Scrolling and Multipage Forms

Chapter 14: Splitting Windows

Chapter 15: Creating MDI Applications

Chapter 16: Using OLE Controls

Chapter 17: Building Database Applications

Chapter 18: Client/Server and Advanced Database Applications

Chapter 19: Discovering the Application Structure

Chapter 20: Exploring the Behavior of a Program

Chapter 21: Using Resources

Chapter 22: Adding Printing Capabilities to Delphi Applications

Chapter 23: Adding File Support to Applications

Chapter 24: Exchanging Data

Chapter 25: The Power of OLE

Chapter 26: Multimedia Fun

Chapter 27: Creating Components

Chapter 28: Dynamic Link Libraries

Appendix A: A Short Overview of OOP Concepts

Appendix B: An Introduction to SQL