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Books : Object Pascal Handbook

book cover

Object Pascal Handbook

The Complete Guide to the Object Pascal programming language

From the best-selling author of the Mastering Delphi series and the Delphi 2007/XE Handbooks

Author: Marco Cantù
ISBN-10: 1514349949 (ISBN-13: 978-1514349946)
Pages: 552.
First complete edition: August 5th, 2015.

The ebook (in PDF) is currently available at part of a promotion by Embarcadero Technologies. The printed book can be found on CreateSpace, or other international Amazon stores.

The Book Content

The book covers the Object Pascal programming language, from the foundations to the latest and most new featureas.

Chapters List

This is the list of the book chapters:

  • Part I
  • Chapter 1: Coding in Pascal
  • Chapter 2: Variables and Data Types
  • Chapter 3: Language Statements
  • Chapter 4: Procedures and Functions
  • Chapter 5: Arrays and Records
  • Chapter 6: All About Strings
  • Part II
  • Chapter 7: Objects
  • Chapter 8: Inheritance
  • Chapter 9: Handling Exceptions
  • Chapter 10: Properties and Events
  • Chapter 11: Interfaces
  • Chapter 12: Manipulating Classes
  • Chapter 13: Objects and Memory
  • Part III
  • Chapter 14: Generics
  • Chapter 15: Anonymous Methods
  • Chapter 16: Reflection and Attributes
  • Chapter 17: The Object Class
  • Chapter 18: RunTime Library

Source Code and Demo Videos

The (still partial) source code subversion repository download is available at