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Marco's Delphi Workshops:
- Jan 26 and 27: Delphi 2005 In Depth
- Jan 28: Memory Management, NexusDB, Optimization, Q&A

Piacenza, Italy, Jan 26th and 27th 2005

Delphi 2005 In Depth

An in-depth introduction to Delphi 2005 for experienced Delphi developers by Marco Cantů. This will be a sort of preview of the forthcoming Mastering Delphi 2005. Main focus will be on Delphi Win32 development, although a good amount of time will also be devoted to .NET topics. The seminar will be in English.

Topics Covered


Delphi Language: All of the new features for the Win32 and .NET compilers

There are more new compiler features in this version of Delphi than in any other in the past. There are also some new .NET compiler features compared to Delphi 8.
  • cycle and definition of custom enumerators
  • Inlining
  • Unicode identifiers
  • Generating and using XMLDoc compiler documentation
  • Nested types and nested constants
  • Access specifiers: strict private and strict protected
  • Abstract and sealed classes, final methods
  • Delphi .NET: Namespaces in Delphi 2005
  • Delphi per .NET: records with methods, operators overloading, class data, static methods, constructors and base classes...

The new “Galileo” IDE, totally rewritten from Delphi 7

The Delphi 2005 IDE is a large evolution compared to the past Win32 version and it is worth speding some time on it.
  • Project manager, Tool Palette, Structure View, Object Inspector
  • Customizing the Welcome page
  • Code Insight
  • Help Insight amd XmlDoc
  • Classic mode IDE
  • New debugger features (stack frames local variables, debugging on Win32 and .NET, CPU view with IL, exception notifications and more
  • Editor: collapsing code and regions, macros, comments, bookmarks, parenthesis and quotes, ErrorInsight, code snippets...
  • Refactorings: declare field/variable, rename, extract method, extract to resource string
  • Find Unit, Find References
  • SyncEdit
  • Local files history (multiple file backups), History Manager and differencing engine
  • New dual ToolsAPI
  • IDE plug-ins: Tools, Wizard, Kylix integration...
  • GlyFX Icon Library

What's new in the RTL, VCL and Database

More limited but still relevant and the new features (and bug fixes) in the Delphi libraries.
  • VCL Win32: popup z-order and new docking components
  • Demand-loading of packages at desing-time
  • VCL .NET: what's new from Delphi 8 and what's missing from VCL Win32
  • New dbExpress drivers and ClientDataSet improvements
  • Data Explorer, metadata services, and Data Migration Wizard
  • ADO.NET, Borland Data Provider and the distributed ADO.NET architecture (DataSync e DataHub)
  • RAVE, Crystal Reports, and other reporting tools
  • Code portability between VCL Win32 and VCL.NET (including database access)

Internet development with Delphi 2005

On the Internet development, Delphi for .NET pushes towards ASP.NET, but the revamped IntraWeb and other technologies provide alternative cross-platform solutions.
  • IntraWeb v 7.2 (new features compared to 5.2, from Delphi 7)
  • ASP.NET: Why use it, what's in Delphi, what's new in Delphi 2005
  • Indy 9 and Indy 10 (for Win32 and .NET)
  • Deployment of Web applications
  • XML and Web Service in Win32 and .NET
  • Writing cross-platform apps for the Web


Base price (for the 2 days): 700 Euros. Discounts available for groups subscribers of Delphi&Dintorni UserGroup: see detailed table.

Early bird (registration by Jan 14th): 600 Euros. Again, see detailed table for discounts and wire transfer information.

Add 20% VAT if applicable*. Discounts available for italian (see early bird price of december workshop for price details).

Piacenza, Italy, Jan 28th 2005

Memory Management, Nexus DB, Optimization, Q&A

Geoff Harris of Nexus Database Systems presents the latest versions of their highly acclaimed memory manager and DBMS.

NexusDB is a high speed BDE replacement DBMS engine for Delphi and C Builder. Version 1 has proven to be a successful heir to the popular FlashFiler engine from the now defunct TurboPower Software company. A significant part of the success and speed of NexusDB can be attributed to its well known memory manager. In this talk we explore both the Nexus Memory Manager and Version 2 of NexusDB. We look at examples showing the speed and lean use of memory of the Memory Manager, then look in depth at Version 2 of the RDBMS, NexusDB. The various new features of NexusDB are explained, with examples, as well as a look into how to utilize its potential to the fullest. The integration of NexusDB into the VS IDE is also presented with examples.

In the afternoon, Marco Cantů will give a talk covering Optimizations in base Delphi data structures, like strings, string lists, containers, streams. This is the talk Marco has given at Borcon US this year.

Finally, Marco and Geoff will be available for a long Q&A session on Delphi and everything else you are willing to ask...

  • 09:30 - 11:00: Geoff on Memory Management
  • 11:00 - 11:30: Coffee break
  • 11:30 - 13:00: Geoff on NexusDB
  • 13:00 - 14:30: Lunch (covered by fee)
  • 14:30 - 16:00: Marco on Optimizations
  • 16:00 - 16:15: Break
  • 16:15 - 17:30: Q&A with Geoff and Marco

This is almost a free event: price covers expenses and lunch. We ask for 40 Euros + 20% VAT if applicable*. Totally free for "Professional" subscribers of our Delphi&Dintorni UserGroup.

*Italian residents or companies will be charged 20% tax (VAT - IVA), European Union companies must provide their tax code for tax exemption (otherwise they'll be charged 20% tax as well). Non-EU company should be VAT-exempt, though tax code is needed.


The event will be organized by Marco's company, Wintech Italia Srl. The location is Piacenza, a town south of Milan in the Po valley (a nice area for food). More details about how to reach Piacenza, Wintech offices, and hotels where to stay can be found here.

The events will be information-packed seminars (lecture only). Feel free to bring your computer for experiments during breaks, but one is not required and some will be available. We have ADSL connectivity, but no wireless.

Bookings and Payments

To book for the one day free event send an email to Marco. To book for the full seminar we need a fax with your personal (name, email) and company data (name, address, country, VAT code).

For the one day payment, please take cash if possible (bank processing will be very expensive for such a small feee!). For the two days class use wire transfer or bring a cheque/cash. We are sorry we cannot accept credit card payments at this time.