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The Fun SideSite of Delphi

Over the last years I've done some successful presentations at the Borland Conference (repeated also in other locations) covering the general topic of having fun with Delphi. I had to provide papers for the conference, so here they are. However reading the papers is not as amusing as attending the presentations.

I've also all of the examples you can download from this site. I'll add a description so that you can realize how they work a little better than from the papers. (Some of the examples are not described in the papers.)

If you have idea or examples to submit I'll be more than happy to host them on my web site as well, in the More Goodies section.

CodeRage 2007 Edition

This is the source code for the CodeRage 2007 online conference edition (March 2007): (88 KB).

2000 Edition

At the 11th Borland Conference I've presented the paper: "The Fun Side of Delphi: Episode 1". You can download my slides and the examples. Beside my own code I've discussed some other programs, listed here:

  • Matilda, the cow screenmate, can be found on an italian milk producers web site. Here is the simplified version (with sound, 198 KB). Both were built in Delphi by
  • The Windows Hammer, or desktop games, on
  • The laughing Mad Cows (here is a copy, 260KB).
  • The Window Blinds program, capable of changing Windows destop these to make it resemble Windows 3.1, KDE, or many other operating systems. This is a shareware program.

Official Papers

Examples Source Code

  • The Fun Side of Delphi (1997): (139 KB)
  • The C++Builder version of the Fun Side of Delphi: (60 KB)
  • The Fun Side of Delphi Strikes Back (1998): (84KB)
  • The Bride of the Fun Side: Delphi (1999): (38KB)
  • Download the executable (155 KB) for the FunBall demo.
  • See the ActiveMeasles live on this Web server.

More Goodies