Mastering Delphi 4

Mastering Delphi 4

Marco Cantý
Publisher: SYBEX
ISBN: 0-7821-2350-3
Published: September 1998
USD 49.99

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I've removed from the new edition of the book all the basic material, so this is now an intermediate to advanced Delphi book. The database coverage has been greatly extended, and (of course) all the new features of Delphi 4 are covered in details. There is also new coverage of client/server, internet, and the 3-tier MIDAS architecture. You can understand this by reading the on-line detailed table of contents

Updates This document lists a few errors I've found in the book, corrects figures and text, and provides some updates for the Delphi 4.02 patch.
Source code The source code files for the examples of the book in a ZIP file and also directly available on this site for browsing. Slightly updated since the first download material was realeased.
Buy Mastering Delphi 4 Online From Computer Literacy. If you want to buy it online please evaluate Computer Literacy offer, and buy the book through this link.
Table of Contents A detailed table of contents of the book, highlighting the mayor differences with the previous edition.
The book on Sybex Site The description on the book on Sybex Web site, with links to the downlaod area, other books of mine, and more online booksellers.
Mastering Delphi 3 The previous edition of the book.
Readers Feedback Praises for past editions of the book from readers.
The Advanced Text Delphi Developer's Handbook can be considered as the sequel of Mastering Delphi.