Mastering Delphi 7

Author: Marco Cantù
Publisher: Sybex Inc.
ISBN: 0-7821-2874-2
Published: February 26th 2003
Price USD 59.99

Mastering Delphi 7 (MD7) is a new edition of the best-selling Mastering Delphi series written by Marco Cantù and translated to a number of languages.

Mastering Delphi 7 is the completely revised and updated edition of the industry's favorite Delphi programming book, and offers the most complete coverage of Delphi 7 programming available anywhere. The book already won two "Delphi Magazine Readers' Choice Awards" and Marco received the "Spirit of Delphi" award also for this effort.

Buy the Book Online

You can buy the book online through my site from (current sale price is 41.99, with 30% discount, but prices on Amazon do change).

More Information

There are a few pages in this web site devoted to discussing the book. Read the first two, in particular, to see what is covered in the book.

See also Marco's free books Essential Pascal and Essential Delphi (in the side menu) and his white papers on Delphi programming.

Source Code (final)

Code testing seems to be done by now. I've uploaded a hopefully final reelase, of the code of the book.

I've added support to want (an open source build management tool inspired by Jakarta Ant and available for compiling from the command line a single chapter or the entire set of source code files of the book.

The download file is now on the "Marco Cantu Tech World" Google Group, in the files section (because of traffic problems I've had on my main site) and the size is 2.1 MB. If you find any error (like wrong paths and so on) please let me know.


There are already ongoing efforts to translate the book, as covered below. Let me know if anything else is under development or there is any update.

Portoguese (Brasil)

The book has been published on July 10th, 2003 by Makron Books.

"O trabalho na edição brasileira do 'Dominando o Delphi 7' já começou. Se você quiser saber as últimas notícias sobre o andamento dos trabalhos, visite o site da Web pessoal do revisor técnico (Alvaro Antunes), em".

Italian (Italy)

Apogeo has agreed translating the book, and Nando Dessena is on work on it. Contact him or Marco on's newsgroup for more information. The book should be out in August 2003.

Polish (Poland)

The translator got in contact with me, so I know the translation work has started also for this edition.