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The Collection of Delphi Tools
written by Marco Cantù

New: THis site is now hosting also interesting tools by other Delphi developers. Here is a (for now short) list:

Cantoosl Wizards can be found here

This is the section of my site devoted to components and tools I'm developing. Most of this tools are fully described in the book Delphi Developer's Handbook, which has the complete source code. All of the tools are always under development, in a sort of permanent beta state.

  • OrdType: See all the Ordinal Types defined in Delphi, including VCL sets and VCL enumerations. This is the Delphi 4 versions: (202KB).
  • The Cantools Component Wizard, the simple wizard generating the basic code of a component described in Delphi Developer's Handbook.
  • The CanTools Components, a collection of few Delphi components: a multi-line DBGrid, a RecordView component, an Application Exptension component. Available for Delphi 4 and now also for Delphi 5. Source code in Delphi Developer's Handbook.
  • The Object Debugger, a runtime clone of the Object Inspector. Explore your component and change properties at runtime! Delphi 5 version is now available.
  • The PasToWeb Wizard, a tool to convert your Delphi source code files into syntax-highlighted HTML.
  • The My Delphi Wizard offers custom extensions to the Delphi 3 IDE, including a multi-line component palette, and the ability of changing the font of the Object Inspector.
Note: Don't know if and when the tools will be updated. Ask questions the "delphi" section of my newsgroup.