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Books : Essential Delphi 8 for .NET

Essential Delphi 8 for .NET by Marco Cantù

Last Udpated: July 13th 2004

Due to a series of reasons, after 7 editions of Mastering Delphi I'm going to skip an edition of the book. But you still get a change to read my description of the newest Borland offering, through an ebook I'm currently trying to write, tentatively titled "Essential Delphi 8 for .NET". The book will be released later (if and when I'll be mostly done). For now, you can preview a rather complete draft of Chapter 3, covering the changes in the Delphi language, and there are many. The 40 pages chapter is available in PDF format (inside a ZIP file so you cannot browse it online and keep bumping on my site!).

Feel free to read, store for your use, print this file as you wish. The only thing you cannot do is sell it, give it away at seminars you teach, and make any direct on indirect profit from it (unless you get a specific permission from the author, of course). Don't distribute on the web, but refer others to this book page on this web site.

While this chapter is freely available, the complete ebook will eventually not be free, you'll need to pay for it (unless I can line up enough sponsors to make it freely available for all).

Table of Contents

The book is aimed at existing Delphi developers moving to .NET. If you are not fluent in Delphi consider buying and reading Mastering Delphi 7 or another equivalent book first.

The table of contents of the book is still under construction, along with the actual content. This is an early list of things I plan to cover, even if at different depths:

  • Chapter 1: A Personal View of .NET
  • Chapter 2: Delphi 8 for .NET IDE
  • (Free) Chapter 3: The Delphi Language
  • Chapter 4: The Delphi RTL
  • Chapter 5: FCL Core Libraries
  • Chapter 6: Using the VCL for .NET
  • Chapter 7: Using WinForms
  • Chapter 8: ADO.NET and Other Data Access Technologies
  • Chapter 9: Indy and other Internet Programming Techniques
  • Chapter 10: Web Sites and Web Services with ASP.NET


For questions and feedback rather than my email please use the “books” area of my own newsgroups, described on this site and available via web on (you must create a free account for posting messages). Please mark your messages with "ED8" (for Essential Delphi 8) and when referring to page numbers report also the book or chapter version.


Language Chapter (ch3): Current Version: 0.04, July 13th 2004

Language Chapter (ch3): Source Code, version 003 (not updated)