Year 2006 Highlights

On Borland selling Delphi

Ferbuary 14th, 2006: For more info on the announcement of Borland to sell Delphi and the IDE product line, see the recent posts in my blog: Borland selling Delphi, More info on Borland selling Delphi, Dreaming a New Delphi Era, Support Delphi, Now!...

Delphi 2006 Ebook Update

January 25th, 2006: I've published a few more chapters of the Delphi 2006 ebook, covering the compiler and the RTL. The ebook is now availalbe only in HTML format, as this generates a little advertising opportunity. You can browse the book online here. 2 more chapters on the VCL and RTL for .NET published on Feb 14th, 2006.

Year 2005 Highlights

Borland Conference Pictures

November 26th: I've posted the pictures form the recent Borland 2005 developers conference to the site. For a short report see my blog, November 2005.

Delphi 2006 Workshop

November 18th: As I've mentioned in my most recent blog entry, Delphi 2006 is about to ship. I'm going to teach an in-depth Delphi 2006 seminar in Piacenza, Italy, December 14th and 15th. This class will be in Italian. If you are interested in a one-day or two-day lecture style introduction to the new features of the IDE, I'm available for travelling and also (at a lower cost) for remote training. I'll have written material ready (an ebook) at the beginning of nect year, I suppose.

My Blog is Online at

September 8th: I've finally found some time to work on my blog, built with some custom XML-oriented software written in Delphi/Kylix, and put it online. You can find my blog on This certainly means all the news and info about my work will show up there, rather than here. remains the site for book information, online books, training information, software download, and everything else. Like it has been for years. Only, with less news and updates! I'll probably change the structure of this home page (which is news-oriented), as well. At the same time, I'll try to surface the latest blog entries here as well...

"Mastering Borland Delphi 2005" shipping

August 17th: Mastering Borland Delphi 2005, the first and only book covering the last Delphi versions is now shipping at several online stores in the US (Amazon, Barnes and Noble...). It took a while, but now the book is there, and I hope you'll like it. You can buy it online from my online store (I'll appreciate).

24 Hours of Delphi Official Recordings

August 12th:Borland has released the official recordings of the 24 Hours of Delphi event. You can find them here on BDN. Recordings include streaming or MP3 download of all interviews, including mine. By the way, if you have a user group and are hosting an event and want me to speak (for free), or need a consultant for the architecture of your next Delphi application and want my opinion (for a fee), using Skype and some other remoting technologies you can reach me even if I live far away from you. Contact me at my marco.cantu account on gmail for more information.

"Mastering Borland Delphi 2005" delayed!

August 10th (updated): Contrary to what I was told by my publisher a few days ago, it seems the book has been put on hold for reasons I don't understand and will be out in August: I got two different dates from the publisher: August 8th (as listed on Amazon) and August 28th. This was very disappointing, but it is totally behind my control! Anyway, I've now uploaded the source code for chapter 18 as well and added a link to the official book site. See the book page for more details.

"Mastering Borland Delphi 2005" released

July 14th: My new book has been released and is shipping to bookstores in the US and worldwide. Probably due to the acquisition of the publisher (Sybex) by another one (Wiley), some of the publication data was messed up on Amazon. At the time I'm writing this, Amazon still doesn't have the book available for immediate shipping, but they should have enough copies any day now... and if you order the book from my site I'll appreciate.

24 Hours of Delphi Recordings

July 14th: It was nice participating in the "24 hours of Delphi" event set up by Borland Developers Relations. You can find "unofficial" recordings at the following link:

Mastering Borland Delphi 2005 Source Code Available

June 29th: A release candidate version of the book source code is now available in the Mastering Borland Delphi 2005 section of this site. Feel free to downlaod it (regardless of the fact you plan buying the book). The actual book distribution is just a few days away...

24 Hours of Delphi

June 29th: I've been invited to participate (among many other Delphi gurus) to the new Borland event "24 Hours of Delphi", announced here by David I. More info will probably come. Don't miss this special event!

My Town on Google Satellite Maps

June 24th: They've added to Google Satellite maps large portions of Italy, including many tourist attractione like San Marco's Square (Venice), the Colosseum (Rome), Saint Peter's Basilica (Vatican City), San Siro Football Stadium (Milan), Mount Vesuvium Crater... My town, Piacenza, is there as well. I notice there is also a little bit of France, notably Paris.

My Bookstore Updated

June 18th: I've added a bunch of new books to my (Amazon-based) bookstore and added links to Amazons around the world: UK, France, Germany, Japan, and Canada.

Mastering Borland Delphi 2005 : Almost there...

June 17th: Mastering Borland Delphi 2005 (the only book devoted to the latest Borland IDE published in the US so far) is being printed and should be available on the shelves (and on Amazon) in the first few days of July. You can already preorder it on Amazon US - Amazon UK - Amazon Canada - Amazon France - Amazon Germany - Amazon Japan.

Delphi Day 2005, Piacenza June 9th

May 17th: On June 9th, in Piacenza, I help organizing (with our user group and Borland Italy) a free Italian meeting of Delphi developers, called Delphi Day 2005. That's relevant for programmers living in Italy and/or speaking Italian. If you have Delphi advertising material I'll be happy to distribute it to the 130+ Delphi developers we expect to show up. Contact me for details.

Mastering Borland Delphi 2005 Page

May 05, 2005: I've just uploaded a new page for the forthcoming book Mastering Borland Delphi 2005. The page includes the short version of the Table of Contents of the book (the chapter titles). More info and the complete source code will be made available before the book ships (it is still several weeks away...).

Borland Conference Papers

April 15th, 2005: Borland has published on his web site the papers of the two past Borland conferences, 2004 and 2003. Among those you can find a few papers of mine, including:

By the way, I have sent some proposals to Borland for the next conference, to be held in November 2005 in San Francisco, and hope I'll speak there.

Mastering Borland Delphi 2005

April 14th, 2005: I'm rapidly progressing to finish my new book on Delphi. Now that I'm done writing I'm working on technical and editorial revisions, and will soon review galleys. As far as I know the book is expected to be on the shelves (including electronic ones) for June. You can preorder it on Amazon US.

Delphi's BirthDay

February 14th, 2005: Today marks the tenth anniversary of the official release of Delphi. To celebrate I've created a page with pictures of the event, pictures of some "collectible" items, and some related documents. Enjoy (and feel free to link to)

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