Mastering Delphi 6

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The Book

Author: Marco Cantù
Publisher: Sybex Inc.
ISBN: 0-7821-2874-2
Published: End of July 2001
Pruce USD 59.99
With CD

Mastering Delphi 6 (MD6) is a new edition of the best-selling Mastering Delphi series written by Marco Cantù and translated to a number of languages.

Mastering Delphi 6 is the completely revised and updated edition of the industry's favorite Delphi programming book, and offers the most complete coverage of Delphi 6 programming available anywhere. The book already won two "Delphi Magazine Readers' Choice Awards" and Marco received the "Spirit of Delphi" award also for this effort.

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You can order the book online through my site from:

Use one of these links if you plan to buy the book online from these sources, as I get a considerable benefit. That is, unless you have your own affiliation of a very good friend of yours has one...

More Information

There are a few pages in this web site devoted to discussing the book. Read the first two, in particular, to see what is covered in the book.

Source Code

The companion CD includes the full source code of the book. On my web site (in the code repository section) you can already find the HTML version of the source code. You can:

You can also download the ready-to-use examples, with the projects and source code files, available as a single zip file (of 1,801 KB in size).

The source code for the examples of the ADO chapter are now available for download here from (30 KB). They are still not integrated with the html version of the material and the other download files.

MD6 and Book Links

This area other online resources related to my book or Delphi books in general. If you know of other sources or run your own online shop let me know.

See also Marco's free books Essential Pascal and Essential Delphi (in the side menu) and his white papers on Delphi programming.